Web App to Drive Digital Transformation for Insurance Business

How we helped a healthcare provider digitalize business process and win more customers
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Customer Overview

The US-based health services provider that additionally offers insurance plans for non-typical cases such as extreme sports.

Business challenge

- Develop an online platform where insurance agencies and brokers can get all the information in real time.
- Automate settlement activities between all participants.
- Reduce costs on manually updating app versions.

Scope of work

- Web application development
- Design development
- CI/CD process setup

Technology challenges we

- Create an online solution that allows managing payments, discounts and bonuses in real time.
- Depending on the access level of insurance agents, provide access to certain information only. That additionally meant storing, configuring and displaying a large amount of data. 


As a frontend framework, we chose React, the most-used Open Source library for designing apps. It allows fast scaling apps and uses a range of UI libraries to empower web applications with rich UI.

In order to boost design development and make it reusable yet quickly scalable, we used Ant Design, an Open Source UI library with ready-made UI components that can be easily customized.

To display a large amount of data to different users with different access levels, we agreed to implement the cursor-based pagination. From our side, we added support of tables with server-side pagination and an infinite scroll for displaying big lists.

We prepared a GitLab CI/CD solution and integrated it with Azure.

To reduce app production time and cut off manual repetitive work, we automated the build release process. To automate programming even more, we added the Redux state management library using a Redux Toolkit.

We added migration between databases to provide a consistent data view in all production environments.

We applied a database audit to save connection with all the data loaded. This can be really helpful when you’ve changed one of the entities and later may need to request data from the archive.

  • A noticeable increase in employee performance for staff members who switched to the app.
  • Boost in sales, as now all the information insurance agents needed to sell more was right at hand and actual.
  • Automated app updates helped significantly cut time on manual installation and therefore reduced costs on software maintenance.
Development Team
  • Team Lead
  • ReactJs Developer
  • Full Stack Developer


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