How we helped create an MVP that raised funds

Developing a cross-platform marketplace for seeking professionals
Ant Design
Custom Overview

A startup from one of the world’s hottest tech hubs — Israel — came to us with the idea to help businesses and professionals find each other. 
The client kept thinking of creating an ideal marketplace that connects talents and job providers.

Business challenge

The client wanted to start out with an MVP on the local market first — for validating the idea before launching the talent platform globally. 

Scope of work

- Frontend development

Technology challenges we

Existing solution was obviously outdated. The already used framework was bulky and had critical disadvantages such as complicated customization, dependencies, and the use of deprecated code.

A marketplace lacked a calendar feature that needed to be:
  • responsive
  • highly customizable & functional for contractors 
  • quite simple for customers

Shifting to a fresh UI solution was crucial for making the app livable and competitive. Considering all frontend requirements to a brand new app and React as a framework for app development, our team chose Ant Design, the second most popular React UI library in the world. 

Ant Design offers a wide range of ready-to-use UI components that can be easily customized.
As the client already had a partially developed UI, we fully migrated it to Ant Design and continued to implement new components using the Ant library. Additionally, it removes the dead code, allowing for faster app performance.

We implemented a feature-rich frontend part of the app using React and made the app adaptive for both desktop and mobile screens. 

All the UI components were moved into separate modules so they can be easily reused later.

We added and fully customized the Ant Design calendar for the needs of the marketplace, additionally implementing admin and user modes into the calendar.

For a successful launch in Israel and proper idea validation, the platform needed to be in Hebrew. We implemented the Hebrew version along with the English one, which meant both LTR and RTL direction support. 

We paid much attention to providing maximum comfort for people with disabilities in interacting with the marketplace.

  • Our team delivered the MVP of the marketplace without any delays. Thus, the client quickly validated the idea on the local market as was planned.
  • Thanks to the successful launch on the Israel market, MVP attracted investment for further development.
  • Once the app got funded, we got to work on scaling the product globally and adding new features to the platform.


Collaboration with Altence by client’s eyes
Andrei Hrabouski
Co-founder of Epicmax
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“The team of Altence works closely with our in-house development team. We use their expertise in web on an ongoing basis. What matters to us is that their developers are always willing to offer more efficient solutions.”
Konstantin Danovsky
COO at Akveo
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