Building 2 mobile apps for better employee performance – for the price of 1

How we made a tool for efficient internal training
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Customer Overview

Based in the EU, the company is one of the major players that dominate the nutrition market.

Business goal

- Create a tool for employee development and internal training.
- Allow non-tech-savvy users to publish and edit content in the app.
- Engage non-tech employees into using the app, additionally keeping them posted on the news of the company via the app.

Scope of work

- Mobile app development (iOS & Android)
- UI\UX design
- Backend development
- Infrastructure setup

Technology challenges

- Develop and release the app on iOS & Android platforms simultaneously.
- Without developing a CMS, add the functionality that allows for an easier way to manage content, especially for non-technical users.
- Provide the ability to manage email groups and roles.
- Gamify the app and make interacting with it engaging so that employees could learn in a game format. The app should encourage active learning and staying abreast of the company’s news. 


To build a mobile app that works on both iOS & Android, we chose React Native – one of the most popular frontend frameworks. The use of React Native as one codebase for two mobile platforms saves time and usually reduces development costs by about 50%.

To deliver the app that actually was an MVP expected to be scaled later, we used NestJS, a Node.js framework for building reliable and scalable applications.

Using Azure DevOps, we automated the CI/CD process to deliver changes better and faster.

To meet one of the essential requirements from the client – allow users to manage content via blog without developing a CMS – we used Azure as a cloud for storing the app's data and content

After spending a little time learning to work with Azure, non-technical users could easily update content.

To provide secure access to the app, the Azure Active Directory was used for authorization development. 

Results successfully delivered
  • The intuitive app for effective employee development that works on iOS and Android platforms.
  • In-app content creation became available to users without CMS implementation, resulting in reduced development costs for the client.
  • Increased employee loyalty and performance due to easy training ensured by the app.


Collaboration with Altence by client’s eyes
Andrei Hrabouski
Co-founder of Epicmax
Altence delivers excellent solutions on time
and within budget.
“The team of Altence works closely with our in-house development team. We use their expertise in web on an ongoing basis. What matters to us is that their developers are always willing to offer more efficient solutions.”
Konstantin Danovsky
COO at Akveo
Give Altence A Problem, They'll Shortly Come Up With A Working Solution
“The team always delivered top-notch code quality. They are reliable, quickly react to changes, and are very knowledgeable.Their willingness to provide feedback and offer alternate solutions were highlighted as a strength.”

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