Web Platform for Efficient Fleet Management

How we helped a telematics company to cut costs on software updates and sell more services
telematics dashboard
Customer Overview

The EU-based company offers a complete set of business solutions for advanced fleet management. 

The telematics platform provides real-time information on vehicle tracking, driver behavior, vehicle diagnostics, geofencing, and more. 

Business challenge

- Enhance transparency of vehicle usage. In the first place, the client wanted to help customers ensure proper use of the fleet in real time.

- Make the app intuitive for users. The client needed a unified UI across the web platform and its apps for seamless customer experience.

- Cut costs by automating software updates. The client planned to seriously reduce expenses by eliminating the need for manual updates.

Scope of work

- Business analysis
- Web application development
- Back-end development
- Manual testing

Technology challenges we

- Create a web platform that contains telematics apps for specific business goals.

- Allow providing on-demand access to functional apps within a platform.

- Restrict publicly available API endpoints to protect and secure user data. 

- Design a unified style for all apps and make the platform intuitive.

telematic dashboard

We chose the Angular framework for web application development because Angular is/has:
- a truly trendy framework nowadays
- an Open Source
- supported by Google
- its rapidly growing international community 
- many Angular Open Source UI libraries available on GitHub
-great for staying vendor agnostic

Our team created one primary web platform that contained specialized apps. Here is what we did on a technical side:

1. Angular provides a possibility to lazy load modules. Each application was built as a separate app and deployed to the customer repository. Depending on user-access levels, it was loaded to the platform as a lazy-loading module.

2. Close to the end of the project, a new Webpack version 5 was released, offering a feature called "Module Federation". The feature allows multiple webpack builds to work together and makes possible micro frontend architecture out of the box.

3. For style unification and speeding up the development process, we chose Nebular, a well-known Angular UI library. The library was implemented into the platform and each application. We customized Nebular components to match the client’s brand.

4. To strengthen customer API security, we created gateway services for each application and a few common-use services. It allows opening specific APIs only to necessary applications.

Results we delivered
  • The web application that works online and can be easily and quickly updated.

  • Ensured work transparency between drivers and customers through significantly simplifying data logging on the fly. 
  • Online access to comprehensive, real-time data on fleet status.
  • Easy start for non-tech-savvy users in working with the apps in no time and without stress.
  • The secured API to prevent data breach and guarantee personal data security.

We made the fleet tracking system more flexible, efficient, intuitive, and way easier to update.

The client started to sell more services and got more revenue from its telematics software solution. As all the apps were right at hand, customers could easily give them a try and purchase them right away.

Development Team
  • Team Lead / Full Stack Developer
  • Business Analyst 
  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA Engineer

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